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What Is Divorce Mediation?

Couples that have already divorced or plan on getting a divorce in the near future have undoubtedly heard of mediation therapy. It is often recommended by family members, friends and even legal council as a way to navigate the divorce process, as divorce tends to become complicated due to the large range of emotions that are experienced and compromises that must be arrived at during such a time.

In its most basic form, mediation therapy is the process during which a separating or divorced couple will come to agreements regarding how their shared possessions will be split up, how their divorce proceedings will take place and how the custody of their children will be handled should they have any. These are clearly subjects that cause can a great deal of dissent, which is why it is important to have a mediator present who can help keep things civil and organized. A good mediator will be able to help any couple work together and come to logical and reasonable solutions to these issues, all without the anger and arguing that is often so common in many divorces. They will have experience in a wide range of divorce scenarios and will know exactly what to do in order to keep things moving forward in a positive way.

One of the chief responsibilities of a mediator is to create an environment in which sharing and respectful compromise is possible. This is why it is so important for a mediator to get to know their clients and their intentions very well. A mediator does not pick sides, which is critical during the process of creating a communication environment in which both parties feel like they can trust that their best interests are in mind.

A firm such as Shoreline Mediation has years of experience in helping divorced couples come to agreeable arrangements as they go through their divorces. They understand that these people would like to get through the process as quickly as possible while also getting the things that they want and need, and can foster an environment in which this can be accomplished.