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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use

For individuals using Shoreline Mediation Online, the following terms are agreed upon:

The goal of mediation is to reach a mutually acceptable understanding of all settlement issues. The mediator’s task is to facilitate an agreement, which is considered to be fair and reasonable by the parties. A series of sessions are held until a satisfactory resolution is reached. All issues pertaining to the separation, dissolution or dispute are to be negotiated in good faith. Sessions are held with both marital members present with the exception of one session, which is held with each member separately at the conclusion of mediation. All sessions and other communications are considered confidential. The issues to be negotiated are determined at the beginning of each mediation session.


The parties agree to the following:

  • We agree not to take any steps or actions, which would exacerbate our situation during the course of mediation. Both parties agree neither to buy or sell any financial or property assets, nor to transfer any of these assets.
  • We understand that although John P. Carbo, MS, LMFT, is a marriage and family therapist, he is not providing therapy, nor will he provide legal advice during the mediation sessions.
  • We agree to fully disclose all information, which may have a bearing on any of the issues in our mediation.
  • We understand that we are encouraged to consult with an attorney of our own choosing, to obtain appraisals of our assets, or to consult with a tax specialist, and/or discuss any matter with any another professional.
  • We understand that it is highly recommended that we submit our final agreement to an attorney of our choosing for a legal review. We further understand that mediation is not a substitute for a legal review.
  • We understand that each of us retains the right to pursue our own interests in court.
  • We agree not to subpoena our mediator into court.
  • This privilege is waived by all parties to this martial mediation case except for the following:
    • The marital mediator has received information alleging abuse, sexual abuse or neglect.
    • The marital mediator has received information about a felony (with the exception of adultery) that has been or will be committed.
  • We understand that agreements made during mediation sessions are not legally binding until a Final Agreement is developed, signed and entered into the Court.

Mediator: John P. Carbo, MS, LMFT, agrees to the following:

  • To organize and clarify the issues pertinent to your separation.
  • To be impartial, but actively involved at all times during the mediation.
  • Not to represent or to be a witness for or against either party in any court actions regarding the Final Agreement or any modification(s) of its terms.
  • Not to provide legal advice, offer a legal opinion or provide any tax or estate planning advice.
  • Not to communicate with an attorney for either party without the written consent of both parties.
  • Not to release, share or sell any personal or billing information with any third party.
  • Not to share or use personal information for any promotional or marketing research purposes.
  • Not to produce any tape or other recording of any mediation sessions.
  • Any notes, agreements or financial information will be destroyed upon the completion of mediation.
  • To withdraw from mediation if it is not productive or if either party breaches this agreement.
  • All Internet communication is secured with a 128-bit SSL encryption. Shoreline Mediation is committed to keep all correspondence confidential, private and secure.