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Online Mediation Services

In today’s world of interactive technology, Shoreline Mediation now provides online mediation services in the same confidential, cost-effective and high-quality manner as traditional face-to-face mediation. Mediation brings together creative thinking and innovative problem solving to your situation without compromising the personal human dimension.

Shoreline Mediation is the first mediation service to offer a live, real-time interactive experience – not simply a pre-packaged kit. There is no need to download programs or buy new equipment. For those individuals who do not own a web cam or microphone, sessions can still move forward using the Internet and your existing phone system, in the comfort of your own home and with the highest degree of security.

Shoreline Mediation Online removes the need for physical face-to-face mediation. This service is ideal for individuals who:

  • Live in remote areas, where distance is an issue
  • Have difficulties scheduling care for children
  • Have overt hostility existing within the relationship
  • Are amicable and are desiring to reach agreements quickly, fairly and inexpensively

Shoreline Mediation Online assists in providing a cost-effective means of negotiating all settlement issues of your family dispute and divorce including (Clients are provided with all completed documents to file and execute their own divorce):

  • Parents Plans
  • Custody
  • Spousal Support
  • Property Settlement
  • Other Family Disputes

With a single “flat fee” for services, Shoreline Mediation has removed both the anxiety of an uncomfortable environment and worries over the final cost.

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