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How does Divorce Mediation Work?

Many separating or divorcing couples can greatly benefit from mediation. The spouse and co-parent’s view may be entirely different, with misunderstandings between both spouses abounding. A mediator can be the objective party in helping to make major decisions more effective and balanced for all involved. Mediation can help to clarify these issues through a third party, who also listens to both viewpoints, arriving at the best possible outcome for all especially the children. Parenting arrangements, child support, spousal support if needed, and division of marital property are all major issues requiring good mediation.

Each spouse explains, with a mediator present, what he and she wants in the decisions being made and why. A trained professional mediator will help both parties to consider what is best in the future for all involved. The mediator acts as a third person. The mediator’s role is not one of a therapist or to give legal advice. Legal advice is for a divorce attorney to handle. The mediator acts to help both parties come to practical agreement terms for all involved. Mediation helps both parties in that joint decisions will continuously need to be made regarding childcare and support well into the future.

Financial information and full disclosure is of utmost importance. The division of the marital property, deciding the best parenting arrangements involving the children, child support for the custodial parent and spousal support for the spouse who may need it can all benefit from mediation work. Each spouse with the help of a mediator must be able to communicate clearly about what he or she needs in a settlement arrangement.

Initially, there is an in-take session that describes in detail the mediation process. At this time guidelines and fees for mediation can be discussed. Shoreline Mediation www.shorelinemediation.com will provide face-to-face or online sessions providing effective mediation for negotiating Parenting Arrangements, Division of Marital Property, Spousal Support and child support. Visit us, and determine if online mediation is right for you.