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Family Mediation Services

Stonington, CT Family Mediator

Carbo Mediation may be used to help people settle many different types of cases, including family disputes and divorces. Shoreline Mediation is the only practice to provide family mediation services and divorce mediation services either in-person, face-to-face, or a video conferencing experience through the Internet.

In family mediations, all parties have a chance to share their views in a safe environment. Each party has the ability to discuss important issues such as communication, separation, child custody, support and visitation, alimony, debt, division of property and other family matters.

Mediation offers peaceful, personal and private solutions that save money, stress and time. It’s about finding the middle ground, when communication is difficult and emotions get in the way of resolution.

Shoreline Mediation provides a confidential, cost-effective and high quality manner for parties to resolve their issues, whether in face-to-face or on-line sessions.

NEW – Shoreline Mediation Online removes the need for face-to-face mediation. This is ideal for parties:

  • in remote areas
  • where there are difficulties in scheduling
  • where overt hostility exists within the relationship
  • who are amicable and desire to reach agreements quickly, fairly and inexpensively

In the comfort of your home, a series of mediation sessions are held via the Internet. Shoreline Mediation Online assists in providing an effective means of negotiating all the issues.

There is no need to download programs or buy new equipment. For those individuals who do not own a web cam or microphone, sessions can still go forward using the Internet and your telephone. Online mediation is simple to use and offers the highest degree of security.

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