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Divorce Mediation Stonington CT

Divorce & Family Mediation in Stonington, CT

Welcome to Shoreline Mediation, located in the beautiful borough of Stonington, CT. Shoreline Mediation is the only practice to provide family mediation services and divorce mediation services either in person, face-to-face, or a video conferencing experience through the Internet.

Mediation offers peaceful, personal and private solutions that save money, stress and time. It's about finding the middle ground, when communication is difficult. The middle ground is that place in-between the extremes of endless fighting and the resignation of throwing up one’s hands.

For my clients, I provide both a supportive atmosphere and the necessary skills where differences can be reasonably and fairly worked out. In today's uncertain financial environment, it is important to make choices that maximize options, limit financial insecurity and provide a solid foundation for a new beginning.

Let Shoreline Mediation guide you through this difficult time using mediation. To get started with an online family or divorce mediation session, please call John at 860-535-7210.

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